Tyler School of Art

Scope: Promotional Materials, Posters
Art Direction: Tamryn McDermott

I have created several pieces for the Tyler School of Art admissions office. This poster was sent out to high schools across the country to promote interest in the college and its new programs. I created a collage of current students work to promote the wide variety of majors available at Tyler School of Art. Below are some alternate versions that didn't make the cut but I am still fond of.


The first poster below shows a different arrangement of the collage featured in the chosen poster. The second poster attempts to summarize the nature of each major into an icon, as well as a space at the end to notify the students when the college will be visiting.


In addition to producing posters for Tyler School of Art, I also created a promotional yield set for the admissions office. This piece was sent to prospective students that have been accepted by the school. The purpose of the piece is to garner interest and excitement about the college. Loosely based around the concept of a train ticket, the piece also includes two sets of vinyl stickers.


Current students at the college write out the prospective students name on the front and punch a hole through the students intended major of choice. The back of the card is left blank for a handwritten note from a current student to welcome the recipient.