Flamingo & Subway

A silly GIF-set that chronicles the short journey of a flamingo on the above ground subway.



Anhedonia is a solo exhibition consisting of new pieces I made after I graduated. The work displayed draws upon varied themes of homosexuality, mental disorders, machismo, wild plants, supernatural spaces, and simple polygonal shapes. It aims to reimagine depression as a fictitious environment in which its inhabitants seek refuge and solace. The work was displayed at Lather from July 5-July 30, 2018.



A reinterpretation of an illustration for an article in Smithsonian magazine about "Bitcoin". I imagined a shirtless man in his basement, late at night, mining for digital currency. The original article can be found here.


Basic Edition

Basic Edition is a risograph publication based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is curated by Michelle Macinsky and Clint Soren. I contributed two spreads to the first issue, and completed a promotional poster for the third issue.


The Get Around

The Get Around is an 8-page letterpress zine I made in early 2017, during a bookbinding class I participated in. On the topic of rituals, it deals with the excitement of getting ready to go out, and the obsessive thoughts that accompany one while doing so. The title came from the Pennsylvania Dutch phrase "to get around" which means "to get ready".